A Company Is Patenting RealityOS, Is Apple Using A Cover-Up?

Apple has done it in the past too!

A Company Is Patenting Reality OS, Is Apple Using A Cover-Up?
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Apple has been making headlines for its upcoming AR devices lately. Earlier this year, some developers, including Steve Troughton found references to”RealityOS”; which is the supposed operating system for Apple’s rumored mixed reality headset.

As we are getting closer to the WWDC 2022, the name had resurfaced in trademark filings that are linked to the company. Apple’s mixed reality headset is rumored to support both augmented and virtual reality capabilities.

Apple’s using RealityO Systems as a cover-up?

A Company Is Patenting Reality OS, Is Apple Using A Cover-Up?
image credit: unsplash

According to a report from Engadget; News broke out via the Twitter handle of Vox media product manager, Parker Ortolani. On Friday, Parker took to Twitter to share two United States patent trademark office filings he found registered by a company called RealityO Systems LLC, the report said.

Many including Parker have pointed out that there’s ample evidence available to suggest Reality systems a shell company created by Apple to cover its tracks. Firstly, there’s the 8 June foreign filing deadline for both trademarks, which falls two days right after the start of WWDC 2022.

Reports by 9to5Mac suggest that Realityo Systems LLC shares the same address as Yosemite Research LLC. It was also a shell company Apple used to secure trademarks for past versions of its macOS operating system, including macOS Monterey.

Another piece of evidence suggests that in some countries RealityO Systems submitted trademark filings that include a RealityOS logo written in Apple’s signature San Francisco typeface. Everything seems in place, the timing of the filings is so close to the event that we can expect Apple to talk about its augmented and virtual reality ambitions.

Can we expect a launch soon?

Although all seems up and running we’d advise you to not get your hopes high. The chances of us hearing an announcement as early as next week are quite low. In his latest Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman made his predictions; about how the company won’t hold “a full-blown presentation” on its mixed-reality headset at WWDC. In fact, we’d be lucky we get any announcement whatsoever.

Gurman even reported that Apple was considering pushing the device’s debut back to 2023. It was due to an ongoing development problem with the company. However, the project is clearly moving ahead. Speaking of projects, according to a patent Apple is apparently working on new technology for their headsets which could use something known as “Lenslets”.

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