Apple Kicks Off Its Worldwide “Shot On iPhone Challenge”

iPhone XS
iPhone XS

Cupertino tech company Apple is hosting a new photography competition — the Shot On iPhone Challenge, which invites users globally to share photos taken from an iPhone.

The competition has kicked off and will go on until February 7, 2019. For this, Apple has set a panel of 10 judges (including the former White House photographer Pete Souza) who will judge all the entries from around the world and pick out 10 best photos as winners.

The 10 best pictures will appear on billboards, Apple retail stores as well as Apple’s website, as a prize for the win.

How To Apply?

Users are simply required to click images via an iPhone (free from nudity, copyright infringement or inappropriate content), edit it via iPhone’s in-house editing tool or any third-party editor (if users like), and share it on either Twitter or Instagram.

Once the images are clicked, users are required to head to the desired social media (Twitter or Instagram), use hashtag #ShotOniPhone, along with the name of the iPhone model, make the account public and you are good to go.

Additionally, users can also share the resultant shots via mail (on [email protected]) with the file format ‘firstname_lastname_iphonemodel’, or Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo with #ShotOniPhone# (for the Chinese users).

You can further read the rules and regulations for the contest.

The Shot On iPhone Challenge by Apple could be of great help in its marketing which might be needed given its low sales in the past year.

If you wish to bring out your photography skills and get featured, apply soon!

UPDATE: Heeding to criticism received for not awarding the winners of the ‘Shot on iPhone’ challenge with a monetary prize, Apple has now changed its rules and, in its updated press release, has suggested that the winners will get a licensing fee, for Apple to use his or images.

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