Microsoft Launches Public Preview Of ‘Visual Studio Online’ At Ignite 2019

visual studio code online pulic preiew

In the Microsoft Build 2019 event that was held back in May, Microsoft announced ‘Visual Studio Online,’ an online code editor for developers.

Visual Studio Online is a web-based version of its Visual Studio IDE. Until today, it was available for private preview which was open to a select number of developers only. Now, at the Ignite conference, Microsoft has made the service publicly available to all developers who would like to try their hands on it.

Developers can now use Visual Studio Online to quickly create a fully configured development environment for their repositories. and they can use this online editor from anywhere to work on their code.

“As development becomes more collaborative and open source workflows, like pull requests, become more pervasive, developers need to be able to switch between codebases and projects quickly without losing productivity,” Microsoft notes.

You can learn more about Visual Studio Online over at Microsoft Docs, and try it right now in the here on your browser.

Apart from this, Microsoft also brought some new improvements to Visual Studio IntelliCode — which uses AI to offer intelligent suggestions that improve code quality and productivity.

IntelliCode now supports whole-line completions and features dynamic refactoring detection. This is an extension of Microsoft’s strategy of integrating AI “to the entire application development lifecycle.”

Meanwhile, at the Ignite 2019 event, Microsoft made a bunch of new product announcements as well including a launch date for Edge Chromium and a new integration for the Power Platform with a newly renamed Flow (it’s Power Automate now). There are some new tools for Microsoft Teams, and a new service from Azure called Arc, which helps IT pros manage cloud services across cloud platforms.

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