Should You Put PS5 Vertically Or Horizontally?

Should You Put Your PS5 In A Vertical Or Horizontal Position

Congratulations on the ones that finally managed to get their hands on this amazing piece of tech that is the PS5. Now that you have one for yourself and are done unwrapping the PS5, you might be thinking of how to put the PS5.

Should you put it horizontally, or should you put it vertically? How Sony advertises it. Well, that is what we’re here to discuss; along with this, we’ll look at the pros and cons of each stance of the PS5.

While the choice purely depends on the PS5’s owner, how the person feels the console should be put, do they want the esthetic value or simply do not care for it.

The PS5 is a massive console, even bigger than Microsoft’s Xbox Series X Meanwhile; it’s safe to know a bit of information about the position you will put your new PS5 in. That being said, let’s first take a look at if you should put your PS5 vertically and how it would affect the console if at all it does.

Should you put the PS5 vertically?

If you plan to put your PS5 on your desk and have space constraints, it is better you put your PS5 in a vertical position saving space on the table. Since you already know the size of the console, it is bound to take up some space on the desk.

Furthermore, you do not need to worry about the cooling mechanism of the PS5 in the vertical position as the air intakes will be above, between the white plates and the central black body of the PS5.

However, you do need to make sure to leave some room behind the console so as to give the exhaust vents some space to breathe; you do not want to block the exhaust and cause the PS5 to overheat now, do you? Apart from the above concerns, there’s nothing to be wary of while deciding whether to keep the PS5 in a vertical or horizontal position.

Should you put the PS5 horizontally?

To put the massive PS5 flat on the table, you better have some space to spare. Moreover, if you’re planning to keep the PS5 in a closed cabinet with limited vertical space, there’s no option but to keep it lying down horizontally.

As for any cooling concerns, placing the PS5 horizontally will not disrupt any air supply to the console’s hardware, nor will it affect the exhaust outlet.

That being said, keep in mind that the PS5 is the biggest console there is. The height of the PS5 is a humongous 13.35 inches, which is ridiculously tall for any console out there. In addition, thanks to its weird design, the PS5 will probably need some extra space if put horizontally.

Comparing it to the previous generations of the PS, which were meant to be put horizontally on a surface, the PS5 is designed to be put either horizontally or vertically.

Should you put the PS5 vertically or horizontally: Summing up

Eventually, it doesn’t matter how you choose to put the PS5; whether you put it in a horizontal position or a vertical position, the console will work the way it is supposed to. According to Yasuhiro Ootori from Sony’s design department, it doesn’t matter how you choose to put the PS5; the stance, whether vertical or horizontal, won’t affect the cooling.

Interestingly, Yasuhiro went on to say that he preferred to put the PS5 in a vertical position, and that is the reason to add the support to stand the PS5 in a vertical position. If you ask for our opinion, we have to go with Yasuhiro on this; the PS5 does look good in a vertical position, giving off some futuristic console vibes.

Well, with that out of the way, we come to the end of this article. With the person in charge of designing the PS5 saying it doesn’t matter how you put the console, it comes to the end-user how they would like to place their PS5, either horizontally or vertically. Let us know which position do you prefer?

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