Apple Launches Lockdown Mode To Protect From State-Sponsored Hacks

Lockdown Mode
Image: Sameer/Apple

The tech giant Apple prides itself on its safe, reliable, and durable products. Some people even regard iPhones as the ‘safest’ smartphone devices available in the market. To maintain its reputation as a secure product manufacturer, Apple has announced ‘Lockdown Mode’ for device users prone to serious digital threats.

It is essential to mention that the company has many high-profile users, and this feature is for activists, celebrities, journalists of government officials whom hackers could target.

Lockdown Mode

The Lockdown Mode will be available with macOS Ventura, iPadOS 16, and iOS 16. By turning this mode on, the security of your device will increase, which will reduce how cyberattacks could target your device.

However, it will limit the functionality of your device. Most message attachments (aside from images) will be blocked, link previews will be disabled, and you won’t be able to visit websites that may pose a security threat. Similarly, your device will block FaceTime calls from unknown senders and shut down wired connections to computers, etc.

You should only turn on Lockdown Mode when you believe you could be targeted by cyberattacks, as most people are never targeted. The Head of Security Engineering and Architecture at Apple, Ivan Krstić, added that they are working to safeguard the small number of users who may be vulnerable to such attacks.

He added that due to this, they would continue to design secure systems for users, organizations, and researchers across the globe doing sensitive tasks. With time, the company will ‘strengthen’ Lockdown Mode and increase user protection.

Improve security

To improve the feature, Apple has come out with a new category under the ‘Apple Security Bounty program’ to reward researchers who find loopholes in the Lockdown Mode. The bounties are doubled for the task and go as high as $2 million.

Apple also announced a $10 million grant to organizations that will help to investigate and prevent cyberattacks. The amount will be made to the Dignity and Justice Fund, established by the Ford Foundation.

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