Apple Might Launch The New 16-inch MacBook Pro Today

Apple 16-inch Macbook Release

Apple might launch a new 16-inch Macbook Pro with a revamped keyboard as early as today, according to a report from Bloomberg.

The “secret” MacBook Pro will reportedly cost nearly the same as the 15-inch model i.e. starting at $2,399. People familiar with the matter told Bloomberg that the new model would replace the 15-inch model entirely.

The 16-inch Pro model will undoubtedly be exciting for Apple users since the MacBook Pro lineup was refreshed three years ago. The new MacBook Pro would also become the largest (in size) notebook offered by Apple since the discontinuation of the 17-inch MacBook back in 2012.

Bloomberg reports that the new Apple MacBook will feature a brighter, high-resolution display, and it will garner attention from video editors, gamers, software developers, movie buffs, and more.

Apart from the big screen, the 16-inch model will also feature a new keyboard design, abandoning the notorious butterfly switch mechanism to a “more reliable” mechanism.

Despite many revisions and fixes, Apple still hasn’t been able to fix the sticky keys issue, repeated keystrokes issue, and few others in the MacBook Pro keyboards. Back in March, the California giant issued an apology for the persistent issues with the keyboard.

The new MacBook is likely to be announced with a press release. Reportedly, a new high-end Mac Pro is slated for release next month, becoming the last Apple launch for 2019.

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