Indian Man Dies After Smartphone On Charging Exploded At Night

fatal smartphone explosion
Image: India Today

Smartphone explosions have caused injuries in the past, however, now they seem to become fatal. The most recent case of a ‘smartphone explosion’ has resulted in the death of a man in Odisha, Jagatsinghpur district, India.

Yet Another Smartphone Explosion!

Kuna Pradhan, 22, died as his smartphone exploded while it was put on charge. The incident took place while he was asleep, however, there is no word on the precise time of the explosion or the death.

It is suggested that other laborers saw smoke coming out of the victim’s room. Following this, they checked his room and found him dead. He was taken to the hospital at around 5 am in the morning.

Pradhan worked as a laborer for the construction of the Jagannath Temple in Paradip, which is being taken care of by the Jagannath Truck Owners Association.

The Association’s president was the one who took him to the hospital when he found out about him.

However, information such as the smartphone’s brand/model number still remains unknown. A detailed investigation will be conducted to learn more about the case.

It Happened Previously Too!

For those who don’t know, a similar incident took place in Bastobe, Kazakhstan. The smartphone explosion case involved the death of a teenager who died as her smartphone caught fire while it was on charge.

In this case, too, there was no word on which smartphone model it was.

As cases of fatal smartphone explosions seem to become more and more common, it’s worth noting that we need to maintain measures of safety so as to avoid our smartphones getting all fired up.

Although our smartphones don’t charge once they have achieved a full charge (the auto-cut feature is behind it), we should not overcharge them, especially during the night as we tend to forget to remove them off the power socket.

Additionally, it’s a best practice to always let the device charge first and not use it while it is being charged.

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