Madras High Court Hears Case Via WhatsApp: Is It The New Age Digital Revolution?

Madras high court hearing on WhatsApp
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Madras High Court set a precedent by conducting a court hearing via WhatsApp. The judge held the hearing on Sunday while he was attending a marriage procession. Justice G R Swaminathan conducted a triangular session that included the attorney general, and the petitioner’s counsel.

The judge was moved by the petition of the temple’s trustee who claimed that their village would face divine wrath. He wanted permission to carry out the Rath Yatra which is held every year.

What was the reason behind the conducting court hearing on WhatsApp?

Abheeshta Varadaraja Swamy temple conducts a Rath Yatra every year in the honor of the deities. Inspector attached to the Hindu Religious and Charitable Department had ordered the temple’s trustee to not conduct the procession this year. However, the temple’s trustee filed a petition in the court to get permission for conducting the Rath Yatra.

Justice G R Swaminathan realized that the issue needed immediate assistance and thus decided to conduct the hearing on WhatsApp. Moreover, he reached the conclusion that the Inspector attached to the Hindu Religious and Charitable Department didn’t have jurisdiction to stop the festival.

court hearing on WhatsApp
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The judge added that the festival needs to be conducted in complete harmony and compliance with the local laws.

Why was the procession stopped earlier?

According to NDTV, an accident occurred in the Thanjavur district which forced the regulatory body to stop the procession. 17 people died due to electrocution when a similar religious procession was carried out in the district.

The court ordered the local power supply authority to cut the electrical supply in order to prevent any future mishaps. The electrical supply in the area will resume only after the festival finishes. Conducting a hearing and passing judgment using WhatsApp has never been done before.

India has a long pileup of pending cases that are waiting for months and even years for their first hearing. This incident could spark a trend in the judicial system. What do you think of the case hearing via WhatsApp? Will it actually solve cases? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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