A New Apple Account Card Is Available On Apple Wallet With iOS 15.5 Update

Apple Account Card
Image: Unsplash

Apple has come out with a new Apple Account Card which is now available in the Wallet app for users. Previously, news sources discovered that the company had been working on rebranding the iTunes Pass as the Apple Account Card with iOS 15.5.

The Apple Account Card

This change came as a surprise for users, as there was no mention of the feature in the official release notes for iOS 15.5. However, the Apple Account Card is now available for users running the latest iOS version.

Previously, users had to add the iTunes Pass to the Wallet app to check their Apple ID balance. This pass also came with a QR Code through which users could buy products in Apple Retail Stores.

However, customers can now use their Apple ID balance as a regular Apple Pay card with the new update. This eliminates the inconvenience of having to show the QR Code when shopping at an Apple Store, as users can now complete the purchase directly.

The balance can also be used to subscribe to Apple services, buy movies, games, products, and more.

Another big feature of the Apple Account Card is that it is easier to access the Apple ID balance. With the iTunes Pass, users had to manually add it to the Wallet App using App Store.

Now, the Apple Account Card almost instantly shows up in the Wallet App; all you need to do is click on the ‘+‘ option and then finish the setup through ‘Add Apple Account.’

One thing that should be mentioned here is that the card is only visible to those users who have a balance available on their Apple ID. At the moment, the feature is being slowly rolled out to users who are running the latest iOS 15.5.

Apple moves away from iTunes branding.

We may see more changes on the way as Apple has been moving away from iTunes branding in recent years. In 2019, the trillion-dollar company eliminated the app in macOS Catalina and split its features into three separate applications for TV, podcasts, and music. On the other hand, Apple has kept iTunes the same on Windows devices.

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