Twitter Mac App Update Brings Twitter Circle Support To Mac

Twitter Circle
Image: Unsplash

Twitter recently launched its much-awaited “Circle” close friends features for the public. With this new feature, users now have an ‘alternative’ timeline for their trusted and close friends.

Now it has taken a step further and incorporated into the Mac version of the Twitter app. Before this, the close friend’s feature was only available on Twitter’s website and mobile apps.

Twitter’s Latest Update

Although Mac users could see tweets shared to a Circle before, no label indicated which tweets were exclusive to close friends. This meant that users could not differentiate between a regular tweet or a tweet made to a Circle. It was also impossible to add a new tweet to your Circle from the macOS app.

To overcome this barrier, the latest update of the official Twitter app for Mac (version 9.10.1) includes support for Circles. Now, a green label on tweets shared to a Circle will be visible to Mac users, and they can also post new tweets for their Twitter Circle friends.

Twitter’s Circle Feature

Twitter’s Circle feature had users on the edge of their seats. Incorporating this feature in the app was an attempt to bring a similar experience to that of Instagram’s Close Friends.

Users have the facility to add as many as 150 people to their Circle, and only the people who are in the Circle will have access to the tweets shared there. You can edit the list any time and remove or add people. It’s worth mentioning that if you remove someone from your Circle, that user will not be notified.

image Credit – 9to5mac

In order to share tweets with your Circle, click on the ‘Everyone’ option when typing a tweet and then choose ‘Twitter Circle,’ is just that simple.

The tweets that users make to the Circle will also be visibly different on the timeline, which will let other users know that they are a part of the Circle. Users can like the tweet, but they cannot retweet it, so the privacy of the Circle is unbroken.

As exciting as the feature sounds, it has not been rolled out to all Twitter users yet. So, even if you have the latest version of the application, do not be startled if you don’t have the feature. However, it is safe to assume that Twitter will soon launch the feature for all the users.

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