Linux & Open Source News Of The Week — “Cutting Edge” Fedora 25, Tor Phone, And VLC 360


Short Bytes: This week Fedora 25 arrived with Wayland, GNOME 3.22, and other cutting-edge Linux features. We also read about Tor Phone prototype, VLC 360 preview, and Cinnamon 3.22 desktop environment. For more Linux and open source news, read our weekly roundup and stay in the know.

Linux and Open Source News Of The Week

Fedora 25 released with Wayland

Earlier this week, Fedora Project released Fedora 25 Linux distribution in three editions — Workstation, Server, and Atomic Host. This release brings along many new features and changes like Wayland, GNOME 3.22, Linux kernel 3.2, MP3 codec support etc.

Microsoft: Don’t change Linux subsystem files in Windows

Microsoft has advised Windows 10 users using Linux subsystem to avoid changing Linux files located in %localappdata%\lxss folder. Changing them using Windows tools, app, consoles etc. might damage the metadata, resulting in the corruption of whole Linux environment.

Apple releases open source Darwin code for macOS 10.12 Sierra

Following the past tradition, Apple has released the open source Darwin code for macOS 10.12 Sierra. Darwin forms the core component of Apple’s macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS operating system.

Cinnamon 3.2 Linux desktop environment released

Linux Mint Project has released the next version of their GNOME 3-derived desktop environment. The new release, Cinnamon 3.2, will arrive with Linux Mint 18.1, which is scheduled to release later this year.

Meet Pinebook: A $89 Linux laptop that looks like a MacBook

Pinebook, a budget laptop that costs just $89, comes packed with an Allwinner quad-core 64-bit processor. This portable computer comes in two screen sizes and supports a number of Linux distros and Android versions.

SUSE releases first official 64-bit Linux OS for Raspberry Pi 3

SUSE has released a version of Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP2 that supports Raspberry Pi 3. The interested users need to visit SUSE’s website, create an account, and download a 60-day evaluation copy of SUSE Linux.

360-degree videos come to VLC open source media player

VLC, one of the most popular open source media players, has released the preview version of VLC 360. This new release comes with the support for 360-degree videos. Windows and macOS users can download the preview media player from VLC’s website.

Tor Project creates Tor Phone — A super-secure Android

The Tor Project has released Tor Phone prototype–a privacy-focused, secure version of Android. Tor Phone is based on Copperhead OS and it uses OrWall to direct all traffic over the Tor network.

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