The Game Awards 2022 Voting Bug Won’t Let Fans Pick Elden Ring, God Of War Ragnarok

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Image: The Game Awards

The annual gaming extravaganza, The Game Awards, is once again set to bestow recognition on standout contributors to the gaming industry. The Geoff Keighley-hosted event would unfold in about a day’s time, on December 8, and felicitate industry figures with various awards. However, the voting process for one of its highly anticipated awards, the “Players’ Voice” award, seems to have undergone a major issue.

According to many Twitter users, the event’s official voting page prevented them from casting their vote for any game except Genshin Impact and Sonic Frontiers. This could be part of the reason why these two games have been reported to be dominating “Game Of The Year” favorites, including Elden Ring and God Of War Ragnarok.

Twitch streamer Lance McDonald addressed another version of the bug, where players had to vote for either Genshin Impact or Sonic Frontiers to unlock other voting options.

In the same tweet thread, another user, @IpsilonZ, shared a video of the bug in action. As evident in the video, the user wasn’t able to click on “Elden Ring,” despite multiple attempts, but didn’t have any issue selecting Sonic Frontiers on the voting page.

Apparently, this bug was there until at least December 6 (the date of the video linked above), which is barely 48 hours before the show. This video proof and the simultaneous rise of votes in favor of Sonic Frontiers and Genshin Impact seemingly confirm the issue. However, when we tried voting for other games in the “Players’ Voice” category, we didn’t encounter any issues, meaning the voting page may have secretly received a late fix.

Regardless, such a major voting glitch to decide a winner at one of gaming’s biggest nights is somewhat disappointing. At the time of writing, neither The Game Awards nor Geoff Keighley has acknowledged this voting issue. Hopefully, the organizers will find a way to undo the effect of the bug on the final result within time.

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