New Android Bug Is Freezing Google Pixel, OnePlus, Xiaomi Devices

Google Pixel Android Stability Bug
Image: Depositphotos

Random lags and freezes on Android OS are now a thing of the past, but once in a while, we get reminded of the past. A bunch of users took the internet to report a weird Android stability bug that’s causing their devices to become unresponsive.

While the issue is visible more on Pixel devices, it’s also annoying users of OnePlus and Xiaomi devices. It was spotted by Android Police founder Artem Russakovskii on his Pixel 4 XL. He later reached out to users on Twitter to know whether the problem is affecting more people.

Users have found that the bug started showing up in recent weeks. It’s worth noting that Google released the April 2020 security patch for Pixel devices earlier this month which seems to coincide with the timeline.

The devices getting affected mostly run Android 10, but some of them are running Android 11 Preview as well. It’s yet to be known whether the said bug affects any older Android versions or not.

The Android stability bug gets triggered when an Android app freezes, which, in turn, makes the entire UI stuck in one place and takes the buttons along with it.

It’s hard to point a finger on a particular app(s) as the prime suspect. To name a few, Google Play, Amazon, YouTube, Twitter are among the ones causing the unresponsive behavior.

Users seem to fix it by pulling down the notifications shade by swiping down on the physical fingerprint sensor on devices, including Pixel 2 and Pixel 3. Another way is to lock and unlock the smartphone after it freezes.

Of course, these are all temporary solutions, and a proper bug fix needs to be put in place.

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