After Full-Self Driving, Here Are All The Latest Updates To Tesla Autopilot

Tesla Autopilot Updates 2020_2021

Tesla Autopilot is an advanced driving assistance software that performs functions like auto-steer, acceleration, brake, etc. to make driving easier and safer.

From time to time, Tesla keeps on releasing Autopilot updates. Recently, Tesla released a Full-Self Driving subscription that enables features like recognizing and stopping at traffic signals. We have also reported on how FSD performs in our previous article.

As of now, it seems like FSD is just the beginning of another phase of autonomous driving. The upcoming updates are going to take some time to be available, but here is what we can expect in the next update.

Chris from YouTube channel Dirty Tesla has told in his video what new features will be there in Tesla’s electric vehicles.


Upcoming Tesla Autopilot Updates

Some of the major updates that will be available in the latest Autopilot mode are:

1. Soon Tesla will add speed limit reading ability to its electric cars. Tesla has not added the function until now as ‘Mobileye’ already has a patent on reading speed limit signs. Mobileye has previously worked with Tesla on its Autopilot Hardware 1.0.

On the other hand, a user on Reddit pointed out that the speed reading feature of Mobileye is very specific and obsolete. Therefore, Tesla can do it in other different and better ways. Currently, Tesla uses map data to detect speed limits.

2. Responding to the request of one of the users on Twitter, Elon Musk confirmed that a section on the odometer will be added to show the number of miles the car has driven on Autopilot. Additionally, Elon later tweeted that he would like to add a more detailed section that can be viewed on both the car’s screen as well as the smartphone.

Furthermore, it can also allow other passengers in the car to connect their cell phones with their cars via Bluetooth. This will let them control the rear air conditioning as well as the rear heated seats.

3. Apart from that, the new section will also indicate both miles and battery percentage simultaneously. At present, only one of them is visible on the screen at a given time.

Upcoming Tesla Autopilot Updates 2020_2021 (1)

4. The next thing on Tesla’s mind is to make its electric cars smart enough to take turns on busy street roads. Tesla’s Autopilot system gets confused at intersections and roundabouts. However, it can efficiently change lanes, auto-steer, cruise control, and with FSD, it does much more.

Now Tesla wants its autopilot to make smart, quick, and accurate turning decisions. We don’t know how much time it will take to be completely functional. It is sure that it’s a challenging and tiresome task. However, sooner or later it’s going to happen.

Final Thoughts

Tesla has always been a game-changer in the automotive world. First, with its electric car technology and then with autonomous driving ability. One of the viewers commented, “Enjoyed this video. Watching it I was thinking I hope FSD never gets 100% done. It is a lot of fun to learn of updates, anticipate then use them.”

Right now, Tesla is at the apex of autonomous driving technology. However, if we consider future plans of the company like deploying Robotaxis on large scale then Tesla needs to put in some more effort.

Autopilot is getting better each day, but still one cannot rely on it blindly. Even the slightest mistake can cause serious damage. For projects like Robotaxi, technology needs to get much better in order to be more reliable.

However, Elon said in a tweet that Robotaxis are ready to be deployed by the end of 2020. It’s only the regulatory norms that are causing delays. However, considering the current developments, the technology has clearly not reached the level to make a fully-functional Robotaxi.

What do you guys think, is the current Tesla autonomous driving technology good enough for Robotaxi?

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