Sony Might Reveal PlayStation 5 In Mid-June: Rumor

Sony Might Reveal PlayStation 5 In Mid-June

After the reveal of Xbox Series X, fans have been tired waiting for Sony to reveal its next-generation console, PS5. There’s no official date for the reveal of PS5 as of now; however, a well-known reporter, Jason Schreier, teased the reveal date in his interview with Press Start Podcast.

According to Schreier, Sony is planning on doing something big by mid-June. Just after his statement, the gaming world erupted, thinking that Sony would finally reveal the console in June. And if that’s true, then in about a month, fans would finally see how the console looks.

However, looking at his statement being taken so literally, Schreier clarified on the ResetEra forum that he didn’t exactly mean “the PS5 reveal” is happening in June. Sony, for sure, is cooking something big for June; however, it could also be something other than the PS5 reveal.

“I said there will be something PS5-related happening by mid-June. I didn’t say ‘the PS5 event’ because I don’t know how many things they’re doing.” said Schreier.

Schreier stressed a lot on the fact that even though Sony’s plan for “something PS5-related” is on track, it may be possible that Sony might push back the date because of COVID-19.

Moreover, Schreier is not the only one who thinks that the PS5 launch date is sometime in June. A Twitter leaker, PSErebus, also claims that Sony will reveal PS5 console on the PlayStation Blog on June 2nd.

Considering the hard times we are in right now, we should take all of this with a pinch of salt. Nevertheless, it’s still interesting that all the leaks and rumors on PS5 reveal date is making us hopeful for June.

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