How To Block Ads On Twitch? (Adblocker Fix)

adblock not working on twitch

Twitch is a live streaming platform where you can easily miss key moments while watching an ad. You can easily miss these critical moments if you don’t have AdBlock. Many users have had some difficulty even if you have one, as sometimes AdBlock does not work on Twitch. However, there are a few other ways to block ads on Twitch listed below.

Use these extensions to block ads on Twitch

1. Alternate Player for– An alternate player for Twitch that can block ads and even play the last few minutes of the stream.

2. Purple Ads blocker – Wonks as an external proxy for an ad-free experience.

3. Video Ad-Block For Twitch– This extension will swap Twitch video ads for an ad-free version of the stream.

Why is AdBlock not working on Twitch?

There can be several reasons why your AdBlock is not working on Twitch right now. It can be very annoying to watch ads on Twitch, which works differently than YouTube. As with YouTube, you can go back and watch the last few seconds. However, there are a few ways to fix it.

  • Outdated AdBlock version
  • Wrong browser settings
  • Wrong AdBlock settings
  • AdBlocking extensions conflict with each other.

How do I fix AdBlock not working on Twitch?

Update AdBlock extentions

1. Open Chrome and search chrome://extentions.

2. Turn on Developer mode in the top right corner.

3. Some options will now be available from where you can choose to update the extensions.

4. Restart your browser for AdBlock to work on Twitch.

Configure AdBlock settings

1. Go to the Chrome extensions menu in the top right corner and find AdBlock.

2. Press the 3-dot icon beside it and go to options.

3. Disable “Allow ads on specific Twitch channels” and “Allow some non-intrusive advertising” settings.

4. Restart Chrome for AdBlock to work on Twitch

Do not use more than one Adblocker

The more extensions you have don’t mean the more effective they will be. These extensions can conflict with each other, so it is recommended to only use one.

1. Open Chrome and search chrome://extentions.

2. Remove additional AdBlockers.

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