5 Best Face Swap Apps For Taking Funny Pictures

best face swap apps

Face swapping apps have always been peak filter comedy and one of the most popular trends on social media. These apps allow users to interchange their faces with another person in the frame. The result is hilarious if done right.

Imagine face swapping with your mom, kids, grandparents, friends, or even celebrities for funny and memorable pictures. For this, you will need some good face swap apps with many features. So here are some of the best face swap apps available on Android and iOS devices.

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Best Face Swap Apps

Reface: Face swap videos/memes (Doublicat)


Download: Android and iOS

Reface (previously known as Doublicat) is one of the most highly rated face swap apps on the Google Play store. Technically, it is a deep fake app that allows users to swap faces with celebrities. The app went viral for its deep fake feature that allowed users to do creative things.

It works on video, image, and gif formats. Reface even has a vast collection of gifs and pictures to choose from. The developers regularly update this collection to keep users up to date with all memes. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Users can also buy a subscription to get unlimited access and remove watermarks, ads, etc.



Download: Android (free) and iOS (free)

Snapchat is the king of face filters in terms of the sheer amount of AR lenses available on it. Even if you don’t use it as a social media app, you should use it for its unique camera filters. Users can search for different face swap filters by searching for them in the explore tab.

The app has various face swap filters that you can save by adding them to your favorites. Of course, there’s the added benefit of having the option to share the images and videos you take directly with your friends. You can also check out other unique and fun filters on Snapchat just by searching for them.

Cupace – Cut and Paste Face Photo


Download: Android (free)

Cupace is another highly rated face swap app on the Google Play store. The app is a great photo editor that can replace any face in an image with another. This feature is great when you want to take a good picture in a beautiful location but want to replace your face.

Users can do this by manually extracting faces from any image. There’s also a magnifying feature that helps in cutting the faces precisely. After cutting your face, it gets saved in the app, which you can paste on any image. You can also add special effects such as captions, emojis, and stickers to make the image more interesting.



Download: Android (free) and iOS (free)

B612 is another mainstream app that has some excellent face swap filters. Users can use this feature in images and videos to swap faces with friends or celebrities.

Unfortunately, the app only works in real-time, so you must have two people in the frame. However, the app does have a beauty mode with a lot of options to make you look even better. You can select the face swap filter from the Effects section of the app.

FacePlay – Face Swap Video


Download: Android (free) and iOS (free)

FacePlay is another highly rated face swap app that you can download on Android and iOS devices. It is very different from the other apps because the edited images look natural. The app also features many face-changing templates that you can use to cosplay.

It uses facial recognition technology to place your face on different videos and images. All you have to do is take a picture of your face. However, most app features are locked behind a paywall, but you can still use them by watching ads.

Best Face Swap App

These are the best face swap apps available right now that you can try on both Android and iOS devices. You can also try out other apps such as Face Swap Booth, FaceMagic, and Face Swap with Microsoft. However, these apps’ image quality and filter authenticity might not be as good as those mentioned in this list. (edited) 

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