3 New Snap Features Are On The Way; Including An iOS 16-Exclusive

snap new features
Image; Snap

Snap recently announced a Sound Creator Fund, which we covered in July. Since then, the company has been slowly introducing new features, including a Snapchat+ subscription that surprisingly got to one million paying subscribers quickly. Yesterday, Snap announced three new features available for users to play around with.

Like other instant messaging apps, Snap too announced a web version for its users. That feature was in the testing phase for quite some time. Now, it will be available to all users, thereby offering access to Snap with a desktop. Apart from that, there is a new handy widget for iOS 16 users and a chat shortcuts feature.

Lock Screen Widgets, Snap Web, and More New Snap Features

iOS 16 brings the ability to enable lock screen widgets, and Snap is jumping onboard with the new feature. Users can now add a Snap widget to their lock screen to access conversations with people they want in a single tap. The widget reduces the trouble to open the app and then scroll down the list to find your bestie. However, it could be useful if it arrives on Android as well.

The second biggest addition is the Snapchat web version for its users. You can now shift the conversations to the desktop and use the big keyboard to chat and communicate all you like. Plus, you don’t have to check your phone every five minutes for a new message. You can just open the web client and be active all the time. While the distraction got a little manageable, we can’t vouch for people using Snap during office hours.

New Snap Features
Image: Snap

Snap will also add the option of chat shortcuts with the new update. All the conversations that you’ve missed will be at the top of the chat feed. It is a better way to tackle the chats you plan to respond to in some time. The app will create it automatically, so it is no grunt work from your side. You will also get a Question Stickers tool to allow you to ask questions on a Snap story and get suggestions from your friends. You can update the app to check if these features are available for your region.

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