Will Tesla Model 3 China Production Be Affected By Coronavirus?

Tesla Model 3 China
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The spread of coronavirus disease can affect the production of the Tesla Model 3 in China. As of now, everyone is aware of the coronavirus. This deadly virus not only costs the lives of people, but it has a severe impact on Tesla and other organizations too. It is, therefore, an epidemic with the potential to affect the world economy.

In this modern world of technology, there are better and faster solutions to problems. People get the latest news about the world within a blink of an eye. Transportation is faster than ever. Unfortunately, this super-connected world has led to the outbreak of the most severe disease, Coronavirus, in the world.

Will Coronavirus Tesla Model 3 China Production

Tesla Model 3 in China production affected by coronavirus
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It is a type of airborne disease. Coronavirus spreads through the air or through any contact with the affected person. The disease has spread outside its territories, reaching from east to west of the world. The virus has spread over 24 countries. Even in India, there are three confirmed cases of Coronavirus.

In the US, hundreds of people who returned from China are isolating themselves in basements and dorm rooms. Since it takes some time for coronavirus to show its symptoms, they are waiting to see any signs.

Some infected people unknowingly traveled to different parts of the world and took this virus with them.

People who are affected are kept quarantined. Since there are more than 24,000+ cases in China, therefore, people are avoiding going out. Most of the citizens have isolated themselves from the outer world.

Impact on Tesla Model 3 in China

Tesla Model 3 In China production affected by coronavirus

Tesla has one of its biggest factories known as Gigafacotry in Shanghai, China. The company had announced it would shut down its Giga factory for a temporary period. As per the sources, the company will remain closed for some time; however, it is intended to reopen on the 10th of February again.

Earlier, as described in our previous article, the company had intended to manufacture around 2,50,000 electric cars, including Tesla Model 3, in China per year. With this temporary lockdown, it’s going to cost Tesla its desired goal.

Apart from that, the company also imports automotive parts from China. Not only Tesla but other big companies also rely on products from the Chinese market, and due to this calamity on the Chinese people, there will be a hiccup in supplies. Eventually, this will affect the global economy.

Furthermore, stock prices are likely to go down; serious consequences in the financial market can be seen. This will affect ordinary people most as a fall in the economy will affect basic ameneties.

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