Apple iPhone 12 Pre-order Starts In India: MagSafe, AppleCare+ And More

iPhone 12 Pre-orders in India

In India, Apple fans can now pre-order the latest iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro; however, shipping won’t start until October 30. Meanwhile, the iPhone 12 Mini and the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be up for pre-order starting November 6 and shipping from November 13.

The recently opened Apple Store Online has made it easier for Indians to order an iPhone online with added services like Apple Care.

If you are thinking of pre-ordering the iPhone 12 from the Apple Store online, here are some additional accessories that you may need to enjoy the full iPhone 12 experience.


If you’re buying an iPhone 12 Pro, chances are you’ll be paying a 5-digit figure for it. We would suggest to shell out a bit more and get the AppleCare+ coverage. It extends your iPhone’s warranty to two years and adds up to two incidents of accidental damage per year.

So if you damage your iPhone, you can get it repaired at a service fee much less than the one without AppleCare+. You can opt-in for the service by choosing AppleCare+ while ordering the iPhone.

USB-C Charger

Apple iPhone 12 pre-orders: Add a charger/headphone jack

Apple will not include a charging brick in the iPhone 12 box. You’ll need a separate Type-C power adapter to use the charging cable you’ll get with the iPhone 12. If you’re switching from Android, your existing Type-C power brick should work fine. If you have an older USB Type-A fast-charging brick and a Type-A to Lightning cable, you will still be able to fast charge your iPhone 12.

MagSafe is also a new wireless charger that you can buy with the iPhone 12. Once you’ve selected your iPhone and clicked on Add to Bag, you’ll be redirected to the next page with the MagSafe charger highlighted. Again click on Add to Bag if you want to buy the MagSafe charger. Scroll down further, and you’ll find Apple’s official 20-Watt USB-C power adapter.

Other iPhone 12 Accessories

MagSafe accessories with the iPhone 12

MagSafe is bringing some new accessories for the iPhone 12 series. Apple is offering silicone cases, clear cases, and leather wallets with MagSafe compatibility. This means the iPhone 12 supports wireless charging through the case or leather wallets as each accessory has its own built-in magnets to snap itself in place.

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