Man Trying To Build Coronavirus Device Gets 4 Magnets Stuck In His Nose


Due to the coronavirus pandemic that has taken over the world, people are under lockdown and they are finding different ways to spend their time. People are trying things like gaming, watching movies, and video calling their friends and family to kill boredom.

And then there are a few who end up doing scientific experiments in their idle time and land in weird situations. One such incident occurred with an Australian astrophysicist who somehow managed to stick four powerful neodymium magnets up his nose and had to be admitted to the hospital.

Four neodymium magnets got stuck in his nose. The incident happened when he was trying to create a necklace that works as an alarm during a facial contact.

The Unsuccessful Experiment

The astrophysicist, Dr. Daniel Reardon, studies pulsar and gravitation waves at Melbourne University. As per the guidelines by WHO, one should avoid touching their face to avoid coronavirus. So he tried to create a necklace that works as an alarm during a facial contact.

He thought of building an alarm that would beep whenever someone who is wearing the magnet bracelet takes his/her hand close to face.

For that, he tried to create a circuit that creates and detects magnetic fields via magnetic necklace and bracelet. The funniest part is that Daniel himself claims that he has little or no experience in creating the circuit he was trying to build.

When he got to know that his experiment has failed (as the set up was not working) he started playing with the magnets by clipping them to his ears.

After that, he clipped them to his nose and that’s when the whole experiment went south and two magnets got stuck in his nose. In an attempt to pull out these magnets with the help of other magnets, he ended up with all four of them stuck inside his nose.

Eventually, he used pliers to pull out the magnets but it didn’t. In fact, the pliers started causing more pain, and that’s when he was rushed to the hospital.

The magnets in his nose could also have threatened his life. But, as per the report by Guardian, the man is fine now.

The Aftermath

His partner took him to the hospital, and the doctors couldn’t help but laugh at the scenario. The doctors termed it as an injury caused by boredom and self-isolation due to coronavirus lockdown. The magnets were removed by the doctors manually using an anesthetic spray.

Daniel has now said that he is not going to create or experiment with anything related to magnets. He also said that this one incident is enough to make him learn not to do conduct such experiments in the future.

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