Here’s A 1920s Radio Running Windows 10 And Playing Internet Radio


It can be any day when we get to see some interesting stuff, thanks to DIY enthusiasts and modders who don’t take a second in taking things to a whole new level. You might have seen many DIY projects, but these aren’t limited to modern gadgets. Some people like to fuse modern technology with vintage devices from the past.

Derek Traxler, the owner of a computer store and repair shop in Minneapolis, did the same for his fun project. He now listens to the internet radio on his battery-powered Claratone tube radio from the 1920s.

The modified device that runs Windows 10 takes its power from LattePanda – a single board computer with an Intel chip. He also added a USB drive filled with songs and internet radio directories. Changing the directories is a bit of a task as the USB drive has to be removed and the text files are updated manually.

He completed the setup with an SX400 amplifier and an equalizer. Also, all the hardware is intelligently hidden inside the radio after removing some of its internals.

Traxler can control audio sources via the radio’s dials on the front panel; he connected the LattePanda’s Arduino interface to them. Now, he can change the RSS podcasts, and live streaming radio stations by rotating the dials.ff

Watch the vintage radio playing internet stations:

Via BetaNews

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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