Windows 10 1909 Could Be The ‘Last’ Update Of Its Kind

Windows 10 1909 Update Pilot Program
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Windows users are still getting used to the extra small footprint of the newest feature update Windows 10 1909, aka 19H2. It’s undoubtedly a relief as many people usually find another big update in the queue the moment they finish installing one.

That’s because Microsoft has to deal with all the bugs that show up right after release, slowing down the rollout process. The reduced size of the 19H2 is due to the fact that it doesn’t contain any significant features and changes like the May 2019 Update.

In fact, Microsoft has added what it calls an enablement package that simply acts as an ‘ON’ button to enable various changes that are already a part of the 19H1 update.

This new kind of Windows 10 update installs faster and comes with a far lesser number of bugs if not zero. Overall, 19H2 seems to be a redesigned version of the service packs that we used to see on older Windows versions.

But it could be the ‘last’

Many believed that Redmond had a change of heart, and Windows 10 machines will now receive one major and one minor update per year. Seriously, two major updates per year are a little too much to digest.

But we should stop assuming Microsoft is going to continue going down the same path. The company revealed during a Mixer discussion that “delivering the 19H2 feature update via cumulative update and an enablement package is a pilot program.”

Microsoft added that they no formal plans to push future updates in the same way, and it would take out points from feedbacks to better shape the future update.

So, all of this means that Microsoft might return to its old update strategy in the year 2020. We would have to install the 20H1 feature update, and another full-blown 20H2 released afterward.

Source: Windows Latest via GHacks

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