GTA 5 Will Be FREE On Epic Games Store Until May 21

GTA 5 Will Be Free On Epic Games Store Until May 21

GTA 5 is an enormous title by Rockstar that is still considered one of the best-developed games. It is the same reason why even after seven years of its release, grabbing the game at a low price is very difficult.

But luck has finally shined upon you because it’s confirmed that GTA 5 will be free to download on the Epic Games Store until May 21. The rumor about getting GTA 5 for free started to surface earlier this week. However, in a now-deleted tweet, Epic Games confirmed that the rumor is true. 

Apparently, Epic Games Store posted an ad for GTA 5 on Twitter. According to the video advertisement, GTA 5 will be “yours to keep forever” on the Epic Games Store, and you won’t have to pay a single penny.

For some reason, Epic Games Store deleted the ad; but not before a Twitter user, Wario64 managed to grab a screenshot of the tweet.

Also, what’s truly exciting is that the free offer comes with the Premium Edition of the game. It means you’ll get full access to the game, Grand Theft Auto Online, and a lot more additional content.

It’s safe to say that offering GTA 5 for free is Rockstar’s attempt to push more players towards GTA Online. That is because GTA Online microtransaction brings a lot of money for Rockstar. 

Nevertheless, grabbing GTA 5 for free is an excellent opportunity for players who don’t own the game as of yet. The gigantic game title will be available for free on Epic Games Store starting today, and the offer will stay until May 21. 

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