Samsung Opens Bixby Assistant To Third-Party Developers

samsung bixby

Besides introducing its first foldable smartphone, Samsung was all about Bixby in its Samsung Developer Conference 2018. The South Korean OEM has opened its Bixby digital assistant for third-party developers to promote its integration in various IoT.

Samsung is now trying to push the digital assistant in its range of devices including smartphones, refrigerators, TVs, etc. Available for third-party developers, Bixby can be included in other hardware devices as well on the lines of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Just like Skills on Alexa, developers can now create custom Bixby interactions that can be added to various devices in the future. Samsung has announced a new Bixby Developer Studio tool for the same.

In the conference, Samsung demonstrated the capabilities of Bixby. The demo included Bixby helping a user in booking a hotel by opening various portals used in the process.

According to Dag Kittlaus, CEO of Samsung owned Viv Labs, Bixby is the most powerful assistant toolkit ever developed. He said, “[Bixby is] way ahead of the other guys. And it’s not even close.”

Samsung also announced that Bixby would be launched in some new languages including Italian, German and French in the coming months.

Bixby is not seen in the same regard as other digital assistants including Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. One of the major reasons behind is that it was not open to third-party developers and was available only in Samsung devices. With the announcement, Samsung has indicated its plans to develop Bixby on the lines of other assistants and make it popular.

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