YouTube Is Down Across The World; Company Working On The Fix [Update: It’s Back]


Update: After two hours of outage, YouTube is back up and working. The company has also confirmed the same in a tweet:

Yep, YouTube is down and you are not alone.

The video streaming site is currently experiencing a major outage. The site went down around 9:20pm ET and users across the world started reporting error messages displayed on their screens. Be it YouTube, YouTube TV or YouTube Music, both the video service’s sites and mobile apps are down at the moment.

There is no word on what caused the massive outage and for a Google-operated service like this, such a serious downtime for YouTube is quite rare. The pages have begun loading a few minutes back but trying to watch a video still throws up an error message.

Meanwhile, the company has acknowledged the issue and said: “We’re working on resolving this and will let you know once fixed.”

Here’s what you can do

We hope that the issue gets resolved soon enough but for those who are left stranded with this massive outage should check out these YouTube alternatives for watching videos.

Twitter on YouTube outage

The current situation with YouTube has invited tons of memes and trolls on Twitter.

But the most interesting one came from Philadelphia police requesting residents not to call 911 to complain about YouTube’s downtime!

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