Worst Passwords Of 2019 Are Out And The #1 Won’t Surprise You

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A group of security researchers shared NordPass a list of 200 most popular passwords that were leaked in the data breaches of 2019. The group went through over 500 million passwords in total in order to discover passwords that were easiest to hack.

As researchers expected, users didn’t follow the recommended guidelines while creating their passwords, consequently making it easier for hackers to guess the characters in a few attempts.

Unsurprisingly, researchers claim “12345” to be the most popular password in the data breaches; more than 2.8 million people used it. The group ranked “123456” and “123456789” at second and third position respectively.

The password “password” was awarded the fifth position and as you go down the list, you will see passwords such as “test1”, “asdf”, “qwerty”, “iloveyou” etc.

“The most popular passwords contain all the obvious and easy to guess number combinations, popular female names and just strings of letters,” NordPass writes.

People tend to make an easy-to-remember password, for all their accounts, rather than dealing with the pain of remembering difficult passwords that make them susceptible to data breaches.

To check if your password was stolen, you can visit this website that tells whether your email-id was ever part of a data breach. If you have been making easy passwords, you will surely find your email ID in one or two data breaches.

So, what’s the solution? The best solution is to make difficult passwords and keep a password manager that can store and even auto-fill all the passwords. Alternatively, you can also set up a face recognition or fingerprint recognition passwords which are difficult to hack.

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