Windows Update Delays SpaceX Crew Dragon? No, It’s Just A Meme

SpaceX Crew Dragon Windows Update Meme

What can you do on your first Cake Day on Reddit? For starters, you can create a meme and get 50K upvotes from the community and a user named u/thomasjadallah did exactly the same. He made a meme where Windows Update hijacks the computers of NASA astronauts sitting inside the SpaceX Crew Dragon.

The meme scratches the old wounds of Windows users that how the updates can get in the middle of the work sometimes. Thomas imagined a scenario where computers on Crew Dragon run Windows 10, and the launch gets delayed because of the updates.

“So you guys almost ready for takeoff?” asks Elon Musk in a fictional conversation.

“Uh Sir, we might be a moment…,” the astronauts reply as they wait for Windows to finish the update installation.

Also, bumping the tension even further, the rightmost screen reports a failed Windows Update error. So, even in a fictional setup, it’s the last thing you’d ever want when you’re about to launch yourself into space.

Thomas, who is also a photography enthusiast, said the meme is inspired by a post on programmer humor subreddit, but he added changes to fit the context.

“The real reason they postponed it to Saturday,” a user joked in the comments.

Anyway, the two NASA astronauts, Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, sitting inside Crew Dragon spacecraft, used touchscreens to manually control the spacecraft during the docking process.

It’s known that Dragon and the Falcon 9 launch vehicle use a version of Linux. So, while the above thought might give you the chills for a moment, it’s never going to be the case after all.

If you want, you can try out the Crew Dragon ISS Docking Simulator to get the hang of the controls used in the spacecraft. According to SpaceX, the controls are similar to the actual ones used in the spacecraft.

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