‘Desktop Goose’ App Can Wreak Havoc On Your Windows 10 PC

desktop goose

Desktop Goose is an app that brings the goose from Untitled Goose Game to your Windows PC. Created by VR developer Sam Chiet, this anarchic program adds a goose ‘buddy’ to your desktop.

Mind you, this animated goose is not friendly at all, and it’s pretty much the opposite of the legendary Microsoft paperclip buddy. It will not help you with your tasks or be useful in any way. Like all other geese in the world, it craves pure chaos.

So what does the desktop goose do? Well, it’s an annoying creature that spills virtual mud all over your screen. It can hijack your mouse cursor, and even mess with in-game crosshair and the camera.

It can also post goose memes all over your desktop and write cute little notes for you in Goose Notepad. And oh, it honks too!

You can choose to customize the Desktop Goose’s behavior by tweaking the settings. You can change the memes it generates by adding images and GIFs to its library. In fact, you can even adjust the goose’s level of “aggression” by reducing or taking it up a notch higher.

When you have had enough, just hold the Esc key to oust the goose from your Windows PC.

I cannot think of any reason why someone would want to unleash this horrible goose on their own PC. But it is one evil prank that you can pull on your friend’s system. For that, you can use the settings to take the prank from lawful evil to downright chaotic.

A word of advice here though: many users have reportedly maxed out their CPU after generating more than one goose buddy (yep! you can do that too). But keep in mind that you can end up crashing your PC if you go overboard with the Desktop Goose.

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