Windows Core OS Might Power Future Xbox Consoles

Xbox One Windows Core OS

We have been hearing about Windows Core OS (WCOS) for a while now, and it’s almost a known secret that it will serve as the foundation of various Microsoft-made operating systems in the future.

While it’s evident that Core OS will find a home in Windows 10, Microsoft has always kept tight lips about the development. But curious users have found traces of Core OS in various documents. Adding more to our knowledge bank is the Linkedin profile of Microsoft Product Manager Naim Ayat that was spotted by Windows Latest.

Ayat joined the company in June 2019, and describes Windows Core OS as “the foundation of future interactions of Windows 10, Windows Mixed Reality (HoloLens), and Xbox system software.”

Right now, the system software that runs on the Xbox Series X is called Xbox OS that features the same kernel as on Windows 10. However, as already known, Windows Core OS is the modular base that is being designed to eliminate the dependency on the hardware, allowing the OS to run on different kinds of devices.

In the past, we have seen Core OS linked to the monikers, like the rumored Andromeda OS designed for the Surface Phone.

Furthermore, a composable shell (CShell) sits on top of the Core OS that optimizes the UI for a specific device form factor with minimal extra efforts. A popular example of it is the upcoming Windows 10X (aka Windows Lite) that will power the dual-screen Surface Neo scheduled for a launch later this year.

So, Windows Core OS makes it a lot easier for Microsoft to port features on various platforms. Although, different variants of Windows 10 run on various platforms right now, Windows Core OS is a fundamentally different concept that Microsoft is working on.

The latest news also strengthens the rumors of ‘GameCore’ that will allow games to build once and run on different platforms.

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