Facebook Messenger Now Wants To Sync Your Instagram Contacts As Well

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To increase the usage of Messenger and to link all their services, Facebook has added a new feature to the Messenger app. Now users can sync their Instagram contacts into the Messenger App.

This new option is available in the ‘People’ section of the Messenger app. Earlier, there was an option to sync phone contacts, and now Instagram has also been added to it.

A user named Jane Manchun Wong spotted the feature and posted a screenshot of it on the Twitter.

The feature has been rolled out to all the users now, but no official announcement has been made regarding it. After syncing contacts from Instagram, your Instagram Username, and the account will be visible to the other connections on the Messenger.

The feature has not been received well by every user for obvious reasons. There are many people who are not happy with this new addition. Users complained that the option ‘Connect to Instagram’ doesn’t explicitly states that all of their Instagram contacts will be synced on the messenger. According to many, no choice is given to the customers whether they want to add their contacts from Instagram or not.

In 2017, the feature was spotted by TechCrunch but it was not released back then. Also, it is not the first time that Facebook has tried to club features from its different services.

Earlier, the social network giant provided the option of connecting Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram via a business account.

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