Microsoft’s Hidden UWP File Explorer Gets New Features

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As Windows 10 is getting mature, Microsoft is gradually replacing the various legacy components like Control Panel for Settings app, legacy software for UWP apps, etc.

The modern OS also includes a hidden Universal File Explorer for the users, but the possibilities of it replacing the traditional File Explorer (that now supports the dark theme) aren’t foreseeable in the near future. The reason is obvious — it’s yet not powerful enough.

The fact that the UWP explorer isn’t in the plain sight of the users doesn’t mean that Microsoft has left it as a piece of discarded code. As per the changes spotted by Windows Central in RS5 builds, Microsoft has added some new features to the UWP File Explorer in an attempt to make it more usable.

While it’s still hidden in the Insider builds for Windows 10 Version 1809, the UWP File Explorer now supports drag and drop, has an improved context menu with a cut option, and an improved copy-paste system.

The modern file browser app now features UI buttons on the top of the window and users can set images as wallpapers from within the app.

Per WC’s Zac Bowden, Microsoft’s focus in the case of the new File Explorer is more on Windows Core OS (Windows Core OS) devices like the Hololens 2, Surface Hub 2, and Andromeda.

Sources say Microsoft currently has no plans to phase out the legacy counterpart in favor of the new one. But if Microsoft continues to improve it over time, it would be hard to believe Redmond would miss the opportunity of popularizing the UWP File Explorer on traditional PCs, at least, by providing it as an alternative if not a replacement.

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