Android Studio 4.1 Released With Database Inspecter & Foldables Support

Android Studio 4.1 stable download

Today, Google launched Android Studio 4.1 that brings a plethora of new features and improvements to the software. For those who don’t know, Android Studio is an IDE for developing Android apps.

Google’s latest Android Studio update adds a new database inspector, the ability to run Android emulator within the software, better TensorFlow Lite support, support for foldables, and much more. The Android team has also put an end to 2,370 bugs and closed 275 public issues.

The database inspector is pretty huge, enabling developers to “inspect, query, and modify your databases in your running app.” Developers will now be able to fix data-related bugs even when the app is running in the background.

Android developers don’t need to switch between windows as the Android Emulator can now run inside Android Studio.

Another huge Android Studio 4.1 feature is support for foldables. Although foldables are the tech trend of this year and have been coming one after the other, they are still pretty expensive.

The latest version of Android Studio is adding support for virtual folds within the built-in emulator, making it extremely easy to test Android apps for phones that can fold. Developers can also set a foldable device rotation as well as add a virtual hinge.

Apart from this, there are changes to the design and other improvements that developers can unwrap by downloading the Android Studio 4.1 update.

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