Windows 10 October 2018 Update Can Delete Your Files: Here’s What You Can Do

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The latest Windows 10 October 2018 update was made available earlier this week along with the launch of new Surface devices at the Microsoft event.

Many eagers users have already downloaded and installed the new updates but it appears that there is a serious issue which involves the loss of user data.

Shortly, after the update, users started complaining that the update has wiped out their files including documents, pictures, other media and miscellaneous files along with previously installed programs.

But let me clarify that this news is based on user reports online on forums like Reddit and there are no concrete conclusions yet. Microsoft is also investigating these issues and no official statement has been made yet.

Users have claimed on Reddit that they found all or some files missing from the Documents and Pictures folders after the October 2018 Windows 10 update.

Some users also found that applications like Spotify and Discord were missing from the device. Whereas one user at the official Microsoft forum reported that all of 220GB of files (about two decades of data) on his device has been erased.

In the latter case, the user was advised to roll back their device to before the installation of the October 2018 update. However, it didn’t work and the files still remained missing.

How to prevent data loss from Windows 10 update?

It is not unclear whether these are just a few isolated cases or there is a serious problem with the update.

Whatever may be the reason, one should always back up their device data before updating the device. You can either do that on a local external drive or on cloud storage.

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