Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Features: What’s New In The Big Release

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
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The Fall Creators Update is being pushed out as a part of Microsoft’s bi-annual update routine for Windows 10. It’s the fourth big update — to promote Windows as a service — released by Microsoft since Windows 10 first came to market in 2015. The other three updates were Anniversary Update, November Update, and Creators Update.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update release date

The upcoming feature update is now out of active development. Microsoft recently pushed Insider Preview Build 16299.15 as RTM build, i.e., this is final build which will be launched as the Fall Creators Update.

Windows 10 Fall Creators update has now been released and it’s available for download to mainstream users from October 17. The update rollout has taken place just before 9 a.m. EST. Meantime, we can have a look at the upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update features and changes.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Features

Windows Mixed Reality

Clearly, one of Microsoft’s next big bets is in Windows Mixed Reality. A major Fall Creators Update feature, the support for Windows Mixed Reality, will arrive on the compatible PCs with the release of the feature.

You can use Microsoft’s tool to check if your PC supports Windows MR or not. To get the experience, you can choose between the different Mixed Reality headsets from various manufacturers.

Link your Phone

It’s an effort from Microsoft to improve people’s cross-device experience. The initial implementation of the Continue on PC feature allows users to link their Android or iOS device to Windows 10 PC to share web links.

You can read our detailed post on Windows 10’s Continue on PC feature.

My People

On Windows 10, My People will act as a common hub for various social apps present on your computer. The Fall Creators Update features will find a place in the taskbar, allowing users to pin contacts, share files, etc.

The My People button is present beside Show Hidden Icons arrow. If you can’t see it, right-click the taskbar and click Show People Button. You can pin multiple contacts but only three will show in the taskbar. The rest would appear when you click the button to display the popover. Under the Apps, you can connect My People with the apps you want.

On-Demand Sync

One Drive’s On Demand Sync is another talked about feature in Fall Creators Update. It’s designed to save space on your Windows 10 PC by downloading the files from One Drive whenever you need them.

For instance, when you edit an MS Office file, On-Demand will pull that single file from your One Drive storage. After you’re done editing, the file will be deleted from on your PC and the changes would be saved to One Drive.

However, one important thing, it might be a drawback for some, would be the constant supply of internet required for the feature to work.

Fluent Design System

Fall Creators Update would include the elements of Microsoft’s newest design language called Fluent Design System. Since its release, the overall look of Windows 10 hasn’t changed much. But, with every feature update, Microsoft is bringing small improvements in the way it looks. Windows 10 1709 is the first Windows version to feature visible Fluent Design updates.

Windows Subsystem in Linux (WSL)

WSL or Windows Subsystem in Linux is one of the prominent Fall Creators Update features. It was first added to Windows 10 Anniversary Update, it then received few improvements in the Creators Update. Now, WSL is leaving the beta behind and coming to Windows 10 with full-fledged support.

Improved Photos app

The Photos app in Windows 10 now allows users to add photos, videos, music, filters, and various 3D effects to create stories of their own. This could be seen as a modern replacement of the Windows Movie Maker app. Soon, there would be support for full 3D objects in the Photos app.

Emoji Panel

A must needed Windows 10 features for our sociophiles on the internet — Windows 10 now has a dedicated keyboard shortcut that takes one into the world of Emojis. You turn on the Emoji panel in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update using Windows + .  shortcut. Earlier, users accessed the Emoji panel using the touch keyboard.


Various settings and options related to Cortana can now be accessed through the Settings app. You can use voice command to use Cortana to put your PC to Sleep, restart, or shutdown.

Redesigned battery flyout

The battery icon you find in the notifications area features a revamped flyout which includes a slider to switch power modes in Windows 10. Microsoft has worked to reduce the overall battery consumption in the Fall Creators Update.

New ways to share files

This can be a handy Fall Creators Update feature you might want to try. Windows 10 users can share files directly from the Windows Explorer. A new Share option is present in the context menu.

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