Feeling Nostalgic? — Try The Weirdly Genius “Windows 93” OS Here

windows 93 released 2
windows 93 released 2

windows-93-released-2What if Microsoft released another operating system between Windows 3.X and Windows 95? Windows 95 was around for a long time and it ruled the PCs for a long time. What if Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer released an OS in 1993?

In 2015, a couple of digital artists and Windows enthusiasts from France, Jakenpopp and Zombectro announced that the Windows 93 operating system was “finally complete.” They released the first version of this bizarre but beautiful art project back in October 2014.

Dear mobile users, Windows 93 works very well on mobile devices too.

When you open the link to use the OS, you’ll be greeted with a boot window and the PlayStation boot up sound. After this step, you’ll be taken to the desktop.


This is an in-browser operating system which is pretty cool if you have a lot of spare time and you want to be lost in your geeky childhood fantasies coupled with some fun. There are games like Castle GAFA 3D, Solitude, and you’ve got the Star Wars Episode IV in ASCII animated version. You’ve got a virtual PC too in Windows 93 where you can run Windows 93 inside the Windows 93.


There’s a voice program on the desktop named Speech where you can type a word and the program will pronounce it in different accents.

To give you some company, the creators have included Lisa, a virtual girl who just stands there at the desktop and there you’ve got a friend.


In case you’re wondering, there’s porn too; well, it’s the internet. Dig deep in C:/ drive to find images folder and then go to png.

Windows 93 is unstable and you’ll be greeted eventually with the BSD (Blue Screen of Death.) There are a lot other cool applications, just explore the desktop and find out.

In case you are ready for some fun and wasting some useful hours, the way I’ve been doing since morning, Windows 93 deserves a try.

Try it here: Windows 93

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