Explained: Here’s Why The iPhone Weather App Hides “69 Number”

Weather App iOS 15

Numbers have their own magic. While zero can dissolve every other number into itself, some numbers are meant to give us pleasure and excitement. Yes, I am talking about figure 69, which… you know what it is. It’s one of the coolest numbers you’ll find on the web, often at the center of numerous adult jokes.

However, curious minds at The Verge found out that the iPhone Weather app is a bit shy to display 69 in front of the users. This number is the reason so many people paid attention to its absence.

So, what’s the fuss all about?

The publication found out the Weather app on iOS doesn’t show 69 as the temperature on the Fahrenheit scale even when the actual temperature is 69. (Of course, it’s not possible to reach there in Celsius). In fact, the golden number is not visible anywhere across the app.

However, if you go to the original weather source of the app, you’ll find the actual numbers. On the other hand, the iPhone weather app would display the number as either 68 or 70.

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What could be the reason?

Speaking of the reason why it’s happening, it may not be the case that Apple is deliberately omitting the number. Some Twitter users explained that the weather app may be pulling the numbers in C (metric scale) and converting them to F (imperial scale).

For example, 20C when converted to Fahrenheit is 68F and 21C is 69.8 degrees. The app seems to be rounding off the numbers, and indirectly removing 69 from the picture. That’s the reason several other numbers, including 65, 67, and 71 may not appear in the app.

The said issue is visible on some iOS versions, including iOS 14.6, the publication found out. However, iOS 15 Beta and iOS 11.2.1 are showing the correct numbers in the weather app. Probably, Apple found out and fixed the issue in iOS 15. We were able to confirm the correct temperature on our device running iOS 15 Public Beta.

However, the bug is still there and we are yet to hear an official comment from Apple. What do you think about this? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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