Things Are Really, Really Bad At Facebook; Zuckerberg Turns Aggressive

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Facebook has been plagued by an internal turmoil after Zuckerberg has sought aggressive means to address the falling shares and slow user growth.

A report by The Wall Street Journal has pointed out that Zuckerberg’s new aggressive approach has forced many top executives to leave the company. Facebook CEO also blamed Sheryl Sandberg for the public fallout over the Cambridge Analytica scandal and reportedly got her to wonder about the security of her job at Facebook.

More than a dozen top executives have left Facebook this year over several issues.

The upheaval at Facebook became more evident on Friday during a QnA session with employees at the company’s headquarters in California. During the session, Zuckerberg labeled the latest headlines about Facebook as “Bullshit.” He also said that the employees who leaked the news to the press would be fired and that the main reason behind the leaks was the “bad morale.”

Zuckerberg said that his goal for 2019 would be fixing Facebook as opposed to his previous annual goal of learning Mandarin and reading 25 books. The report also says that he believes that the tougher management style is the need of the hour to tackle the internal and external challenges faced by Facebook.

The WSJ’s report also mentions that Instagram’s co-founders left the company after a clash with Mr. Zuckerberg over his desire to share location data of Instagram users with Facebook. The founders vehemently opposed this decision and resigned from the company in September. WhatsApp co-founders also left the company in a similar fashion after a fallout with Mr. Zuckerberg over monetizing the message-sending app.

The internal conflict at Facebook is on the rise as the shares have dipped more than 20% this year.

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