macOS 13 Name Reveal And Some Other Things – Weekly Tech Roundup

macOS 13 name- 9th weekly tech news roundup featured image
macOS 13 name- 9th weekly tech news roundup featured image

WWDC is almost here, and naturally, the expectations from the next-gen macOS and iPad OS are over the roof. While there’s not much confirmed, there are rumors that sound promising. But since this is our weekly tech news roundup, there’s more to discuss.

But recently one rumor made a big splash. macOS 13’s name has been revealed. According to the rumor, the macOS 13 will be called macOS Mammoth, keeping the California-peaks-themed macOS names.

Weekly tech news roundup

Spotify yeets itself into an outage

Spotify Down

Apps and services are prone to outages, and that’s why we have platforms like Downdetector to confirm these things. However, Spotify was hit differently as it was a two-year-old mistake that caused a major outage.

Spotify’s podcast hosting arm failed to renew an SSL certificate. This caused the podcast side to stop working for users, and the creators to lose money.

On the same day, on a completely different note, some Twitter users started trending #CancelSanta.

iPhone 14’s chip and the global chip problem

Multiple leakers now back report that the next-gen Apple A16 chip will be reserved for the iPhone 14 Pro models only. The standard model will feature the same chip as the iPhone 13.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a credible Apple leakster, is saying that the A16 chip will not be a 4nm processor, which also sounds right as Apple could be playing safe with the current yield of the 5nm process.

Talking of chips, Foxconn, one of the largest names in the chip business, has predicted that the global chip shortage will get better over time. If this is right, we should start seeing improvements from 2022 itself.

The silicon business is also seeing new players as Google has tasked Samsung to manufacture the next-gen Tensor chip.

Sheryl Sandberg Leaves Meta

Sheryl Sandberg featured image
Image by Manik Berry/Fossbytes

Sheryl Sandberg, Meta COO and one of Mark Zuckerberg’s closest friends, has stepped down from her position at the helm of the company.

Javier Olivan will replace Sandberg as COO now. Social media is also seeing growth as new platforms like BeReal are getting great feedback.

This week’s social media news also includes the U.S. Supreme Court blocking the controversial social media law. It gives the companies more time to keep their point.

U.S. Navy’s Iron Man Suit: Weekly tech news highlight

U.S. Navy iron man exoskeleton image
Image: Yanko Design

This is one of the most exciting developments of the week. An ex-Navy SEAL told a podcaster that the U.S. Navy is building an iron man-inspired exoskeleton.

While the Exo isn’t ready yet, it is told to have all sorts of high-quality and heavy-duty materials to cope with the heat of war.

You may not get your hands on military tech but you can now get the new Microsoft Surface Go 2, which is the update this laptop deserves.

But when it comes to computers, the H.P. Frontier is now the new fastest supercomputer in the world. Then again, you may not buy a supercomputer, but you can buy the Google Pixel 7, which is listed on eBay even before the launch.

So I’d think twice before I decide to buy it. But the Google Pixel will also gain more computational power from the next-gen Google Tensor chip, manufactured by Samsung.

Android sans Google; half-million-dollar Mac

Image: The AAPL Collection

The new Murena One is an Android phone without any Google apps. There’s a default app for everything, you get the convenience Google offers, minus the tracking. The phone itself is modestly spec’d and focuses on a privacy-first user experience.

Next up, an Apple1 Mac signed by Steve Wozniak is up for auction. The piece is expected to fetch half a million dollars.

Apple also took a blow this week, when its plea against Cydia got dismissed by a judge. In its plea, Apple asked to dismiss Cydia’s case.

But other than this, Apple also won several patents this week, including the name RealityOS or rOS, which it is patenting via shell companies.

App updates you should know about

Facebook Dark Mode For iOS Has Disappeared
Image: Apple

Starting with a glitch, many users report that the Facebook iOS app lost dark mode because of a bug. The dark mode has vanished and users can’ use it anymore.

WhatsApp is also introducing an undo-deleted-message button for the times you accidentally delete a message. YouTube has also updated its TV and phone app to work together. Now you can comment on a video you’re watching on TV via your phone.

Going further, Instagram has launched an AMBER alert to help find lost children. Slack messenger has added pronunciation labels so you don’t mess up your colleagues’ names.

From big tech, Google has merged Google Meet and Duo apps into one. Slowly, all the Meet features will come down to Duo, and the two will become one super app.

Coming to Apple, expectations from the iPad OS 16 are high, since the iPad lineup now has Apple silicon, the iPad needs power apps to complete the package.

The 9th weekly tech news roundup- What else?

Other than macOS 13’s name, NASA is trying to map the moon, a coffee-shop chain tracked its users’ every move, and India’s Reliance Jio launched a gamepad out of the blue.

There are reports comparing Safari and Chrome user-base, Netflix’s confused experiment, and even those of the next Apple Watch packing a camera.

Among the headlines, we also have Samsung shutting down its LCD division, and Elon Musk taking flak from Tesla investors calling his Twitter acquisition a distraction.

The future also looks promising as leaks suggest the next-gen Samsung foldable will pack a punch. There’s also Oppo, which is launching AR glasses soon. Meanwhile, iPhone users are still asking for an Always-on display.

That’s all for this week. If you like this weekly tech news roundup, show us some love in the comments.

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