What Is A Google Administrator?

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Google allows firms and educational institutions that use Google services to manage the accounts of people associated with the firms and institutions. If you own a school or company Google device, especially a Chromebook, you may have noticed a text in the settings, “This device is managed by [Your company or Institution’s name].”

This stops you from doing certain things on the device and claiming ownership. All the devices in an organization are maintained by one administrator. In this article, let’s look at what Google Administrator is and everything they can do to manage devices.

What is Google Administrator?

Google Administrator is the main Google account (popularly also known as Google Admin account) used to manage devices that belong to that organization or institution. You cannot use a regular Google account to log in to an administrator account. Instead, you will need a workspace account.

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For starters, Google Workspace is a subscription service from Google which provides business solutions to organizations and institutions. For example, the business starter plan provides 30GB of storage, custom business emails, 100 participant meetings, etc. More expensive plans offer more storage and extra features.

The administrator manages devices and accounts from admin.google.com.

Can the Workspace Admin see everything I do?

The answer is yes. The workspace admin has access to your entire account, even your deleted history, from your browsing history to your emails. If you don’t want the workspace admin to track your activity, the only thing that you can do is get out of your work network.

What else can a Google Administrator do?

  • Reset your work account password if you forget it.
  • Turn on or off services like YouTube or Google Drive.
  • Check with the Google expert team to help solve issues related to accounts.

So, this was everything you needed to know about Google Administrator. There’s not a lot to it, but definitely, some of the most crucial points if you belong to an organization. And, as always, do let us know your thoughts about the Google Administrator in the comments section below.

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