How To Watch Archer Season 12 Premiere For Free? Is It Available On Netflix?

archer season 12
Credit: FXX

The renowned spy Sterling Archer is back again with another season full of action, drama, and world-rescuing adventure. Fresh off of his three-year slumber in a coma, Archer finally wakes up to solve daunting problems in his personal and professional life in season 12.

The popular adult sitcom makes it a dozen seasons with the release of two episodes for the season premiere. Episode 1, called “Identity Crisis,” shows Archer receive an anticlimactic reward for saving the world. Whereas, in “Lowjacked” (Episode 2), the spy and his agency indulge in a team-building activity.

Moreover, this season would gradually set up Fabian Kingsworth, the head of a rival intelligence agency, as the main antagonist. According to showrunner Casey Willis, Kingsworth is a spoof of the popular fictional spy James Bond. He further said, “People have always compared that. What would happen if Archer met Bond? We kind of wanted that.”

Check out our guide below to find out when, where, and how you can watch Archer Season 12 for free online.

Archer Season 12 Release Date & Time

The new season of the animated spoof show kicks off at 10 PM ET (7:30 AM IST) on Wednesday, August 25, 2021. Notably, the show will first air on the FXX channel and stream on OTT platforms a day later.

Where To Watch Archer Season 12 Premiere?

The American viewers can catch the latest episodes of Archer Season 12 on FXX. Those who have OTT accounts can stream FXX on various platforms, including Hulu, YouTube TV, Sling TV, Fubo TV, and AT&T TV Now.

The viewers in India and other parts of the world will have to rely on using a VPN to access one of the aforementioned OTT streaming services.

How To Watch Archer Season 12 Online For Free?

In U. S. A., if you’re a new user, you can register on Hulu and claim a free trial to watch Archer Season 12 on FX. Besides Hulu, services such as YouTube TV and Fubo TV also provide free trials to fresh customers.

Those who live elsewhere, including India, can use a VPN (as mentioned earlier) to get one of these free trial offers.

Is Archer Season 12 Available On Netflix?

Netflix is the official home of the first 11 seasons of Archer. However, the animated show’s twelfth season will not stream on the popular OTT platform as of now. So, people would have to stick to FXX and various OTT options for watching the show.

The adult comedy show, created by Adam Reed, is a multiple-time Emmy award winner. It’ll be fun to see if the twelfth season of the show lives up to its hype.

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