4 New Arduino Nano Boards Are Here: More Powerful Than Before

new arduino nano boards

The open source Arduino Project was started long back in 2003 as a program for students to help them tinker with sensors and their applications without spending tons of money. Over the course of time, this open source platform evolved and facilitated the launch of various versions of the Arduino hardware.

Adding another chapter to Arduino’s hardware journey, the Italian boardmakers have announced the launch of four new products that will remind you of the classic Arduino Nano 3. The 4 Arduino product in the lineup serve different purposes, so let’s briefly tell you about them:

Arduino Nano Every

Based on ATMega4809 microcontroller, Nano Every is designed for basic projects.

Price: Starting at $9.90

Arduino Nano 33 IoT

Nano 33 IoT is based on SAMD21 microcontroller. Designed for small IoT applications, the board comes with on-board Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, and a crypto chip to store certificates and keys.

Price: Starting at $18.00

new arduino nano family

Arduino Nano 33 BLE

Base on nRF52480 microcontroller, Nano 33 BLE is created for low-power projects that need short-range Bluetooth communication.

Price: Starting at $19.00

Arduino Nano BLE Sense

Nano BLE Sense is a powerful Nordic nRF52480 processor-based board that ships with the sensors you’re going to need for your projects.

Price: Starting at $29.50

The four new members of the Nano family are now available for pre-order and you can go ahead and purchase them here. While Nano Every and 33 IoT will ship in June, 33 BLE and BLE Sense will arrive in July.

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