Video Game Remaster Vs Remake: What’s The Difference?

Video Games Remaster Vs. Remake; What's The Difference
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The two terms are pretty common in the gaming world and are widely used in place of the other. Video game remasters and video game remakes are two very different things. In this explainer guide, we’ll shed some light on the differences between a video game remaster and a video game remake.

While the names give it all, some people still get confused between the two terms; for the same reason, let’s dive deep into the meaning of video game remaster and remake. Moreover, as new gamers try and explore older games from previous generations, it’s good to have a clear idea of what to expect from the game.

Video Game Remaster

The most basic way to explain what a remaster is; is that the remastered version is a revamped version of the older game. While adding new content to a video game remaster is not mandatory, the touched-up version can sometimes receive additional in-game content.

In addition, video game remasters typically mean classic video games with repainted visuals and in-game mechanics. Also, the in-game mechanics are optimized for the current generation of platforms the classic remaster is launching for.

To give you some examples, remasted games like ‘The last of Us Remastered,” ‘Unchartered: Legacy of Thieves’ collection are great examples of older video games getting polished and better graphics for new consoles. A remaster is a digital facelift to an older video game, with better environment designs and improved character designs—all the while allowing players to experience the games on the new platforms.

Video Game Remake

As opposed to a remaster, a remake is a modern version of a classic video game rebuilt from scratch. Video game remakes make sure the game runs on the latest consoles or PCs. In addition, video game remakes are games reborn with entirely different elements; however, staying true to the original game.

In a video game remake, the gameplay is bound to change, with different elements added to the gameplay and the game’s environment, sometimes even new characters. However, as with video game remasters, remakes are altered up to the point that the game remains true to the original.

A very popular game and an excellent example of one of the best video game remakes is the Final Fantasy VII remake. Compared to the original title, the FF VII remake had many new additions. In addition, the upgraded graphics of the remake version allowed for a better experience; so did the addition of voice acting.

Video Game Remake vs Remaster: Summing up

Lastly, all the above information will help you differentiate between a video game remake and remaster. With remasters bringing in a touched-up version of the older title and remakes changing the game drastically. At the end of the day, these two are new versions for the newer and more powerful consoles. For newly turned gamer, who wants to explore what the gaming world has to offer and how the big franchises started, remastering and remakes are the best way of knowing so.

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