What Is Twitch Turbo? Is The Service Worth Buying?

What Is Twitch Turbo Is The Service Worth Buying
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The frequent popping of pre-rolled ads when you’re watching your favorite Twitch Streamer can be frustrating. Meanwhile, there are a few sure-shot ways to prevent the ads from popping up. No, we’re not talking about ad blockers. What we’re going to talk about is “Twitch Turbo.”

For those wondering what Twitch Turbo is? What does it do? Why should you get one? Wait till the end of the article to find out. While many will tell you to subscribe to the Twitch channel you watch the most to get rid of the ads. The streamers will be the first to push you towards the subscription. Moreover, ad blockers also seem to do the job just fine; until they don’t.

While you might use an ad blocker to dodge ads, Twitch regularly updates its system and takes on ad blockers, rendering them useless. Now, what do you do? Got a Twitch Prime account? Or do you subscribe to a particular Twitch channel? Well, you can also get your Twitch turbo subscription. Before we go on, have a read if you want to know how you can host streams on your Twitch channel.

What exactly is Twitch Turbo?

Twitch turbo details
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Twitch Turbo is the platform’s monthly subscription service that not only allows subscribers to get rid of ads; but also gets them a whole lot of goodies. To elaborate, users with a Twitch turbo subscription will access Twitch’s expanded emoticon set (which users can always change later). In addition, users get a chat badge. It lets other users see more about your Twitch turbo subscription. You can flaunt that in any chat.

If that isn’t enough, a Turbo subscription brings expanded broadcast storage. This lets you store your past broadcasts from the last 60 days, which is a lot compared to the standard 14 days. However, the prime benefit of having a Twitch Turbo subscription is the ad-free experience. At the same time, users can link their Amazon Prime accounts to their Twitch account to get an ad-free experience.

For a subscription cost of $8.99 a month, users can get an ad-free experience along with other features. For those thinking about getting a Twitch prime by linking their Amazon Prime account or buying the subscription separately, Twitch Turbo is the best option if all you want is to block the ads. Since having Twitch Prime doesn’t guarantee an ad-free experience anywhere on the platform. Lastly, Twitch Turbo is worth buying if blocking ads is your primary motive.

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