Oh No! OnePlus Nord Is Facing Display Tint Issues

OnePlus Nord Display Issues
Source: Reddit

It seems OnePlus and display issues have bonded together on a cosmic level as OnePlus Nord is following the legacy and has started having display tint issues.

In a homecoming move, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer recently impressed everyone by launching a feature-rich budget smartphone in the form of OnePlus Nord. However, several users on Reddit and the official OnePlus forum are reporting green tint issues in low brightness on their OnePlus Nord.

A Reddit user, “Jisifus,” posted on the OnePlus subreddit that his OnePlus Nord is experiencing a purple-greenish tint at the bottom of the screen at 25% brightness level.

Another OnePlus Nord user complained on the official OnePlus forum that there are “major green tint issues at low brightness.”

This is not the first time that OnePlus smartphones have faced display issues. OnePlus 8 Pro, the $1,000 flagship smartphone from the company, also suffered from serious green screen and black crush issues. Later, OnePlus issued an update that partly solved the display issues. However, some users also filed for a replacement for persistent display-related problems.

It remains to be seen whether a software update could solve display issues in OnePlus Nord, or could it be a hardware issue. This might be a deal-breaker for those looking forward to purchasing OnePlus Nord.

OnePlus Nord is available at a starting price of Rs 24,999 in India. However, the base variant will be available from September onwards. OnePlus Nord is an Amazon exclusive product, and pre-orders begin today and will start shipping from August 4th onwards.

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