GTA San Andreas Featuring PS4’s Spiderman Mod In Making

GTA SA - Spider-Man

Yeah, you read that right! A modder is actually trying to bring the Spiderman character into the famous GTA San Andreas PC game. The modder who goes by the username J16D has released a preview featuring Spiderman swinging in the San Andreas world.

After multiple attempts over the years, J16D has been able to encompass a Spiderman character that looks very similar to the Spidey in the PS4’s game.

In other words, the latest mod includes the Spiderman suit which was gifted to Peter Parker by Iron Man in the Avengers. The animations look more detailed and refined from the previous versions; music from the PS4 Spider-Man game, additional menus to switch to a different suit and a lot more.

GTA SA - Spiderman Mod [2019] Suit

The best part is that modder has kept everything intact, apart from the Spiderman character. If you look at the preview, Spiderman can be seen swinging from one GTA city to another.

The San Andreas map is also available, showcasing food joints and markers for game-related tasks. It seems that the mod will keep the same missions, and only the character will be Peter Parker instead of Carl Johnson.

The mod is still in the testing phase. Hence, we might see more additions such as walking on the wall, making huge jumps, better-looking web textures, and new menus — according to Kotaku.

Seeing J16D’s passion to introduce Spiderman in GTA, I am expecting him to add Spiderman’s fighting styles as well as Spidey sense in the final release. For the time being, enjoy watching Spiderman swirling and exploring different places in GTA San Andreas.

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