Why Valorant’s Replication Mode Is Not Just Another Escalation Mode

Why Valorant's New Replication Mode Is Not Just Another Escalation Mode

An all-new game mode is on its way to Valorant, the Replication mode. The Replication mode appears to allow more than one player to use the same agent. Riot also released a gameplay teaser of the Replication mode on Valorant’s new map, Breeze.

The short gameplay teaser shows Cypher’s multiple traps and cameras used on the map. The teaser showcases the use of different agents’ abilities to create chaotic situations, among many other unpredictable uses. Speaking of chaos, another game mode, Escalation, also brings the same chaotic-fun experience to players, but in a very different way.

What is the Replication mode & when is it coming?

Valorant’s upcoming patch 2.09 will introduce the Replication game mode, which will allow every player on the team to lock in the same agent. Replication will feature a best of nine rounds spike planting mode. All the players using the same agent means complete madness; imagine if a team is full of enemy Phoenix, flashing the enemy team every second.

Now hold on; riot has thought about this and has implemented a “flashguard.” The flashguard will stop players from being blinded for five seconds, that is if you’ve been blinded by the flash twice in a four-second window.

Careful now, there’s nothing to stop a team full of Phoenix or Brimstone from turning the floor into lava with their mollies. It seems like, with the coming of Valorant’s Escalation mode, the clickbait YouTube thumbnails have become a reality.

By now, you should have a pretty good idea about how the Valorant’s upcoming Replication mode will turn out. Moreover, how it’s going to be different from the Escalation mode; in case some of you still have any doubts, we’ll make sure to clear them right up.

Escalation mode Vs Replication mode

Valorant escalation mode

In the currently available Escalation mode, the players rush through rounds of killing the enemy players and collecting points while progressing through a cycle of different weapons and abilities. In Escalation mode, each kill grants one point to the team and helps progress to the next weapon.

However, there is no concept of ultimate ability in the Escalation mode, unlike that in the upcoming Replication mode. In the Replication mode, the players will receive one ultimate point each at the start of the round, unlike Escalation mode.

Moreover, in Valorant’s upcoming Replication mode, the players will receive the same amount of credits regardless of a win or loss, contrary to Escalation mode, which has no credit system.

Furthermore, Replication mode is coming to Valorant on a rotational basis. The mode will be available upon the release of Valorant’s patch 2.09. Interestingly, the players will not have access to the chaos-filled Escalation mode until Replication is in-game.

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