Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7: Katana Sword & New Multiplayer Maps

Call Of Duty Season 7 To Get 'Katana' Sword Skill & New Multiplayer Maps
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 'Katana' sword

Recently, Call of Duty Mobile rolled out its Season 7 update for the test servers. And this is by far the most exciting update for Call of Duty Mobile Beta. The update comes with a lot of new fascinating content, including Vending Machines in Battle Royale. Also, the Battle Royale map is now bigger than ever after the addition of multiple new locations. 

However, the Season 7 beta update brings great new content in Call of Duty Multiplayer as well. In the update, there are several new Multiplayer maps, weapons, and fascinating new ‘Takeo’s Katana’ Operator Skill.

New Multiplayer Content In COD Mobile Season 7 Beta Update

New Multiplayer Maps

Bobby Plays, a famous Call of Duty Mobile YouTuber, discussed all the cool additions in a 14-minute-long video. The major highlight of the beta update is that it mentions three new Multiplayer maps in the Download list: Highrise, Tunisia, and Gulag.

Also, what’s impressive is that the new ‘Tunisia’ map is already playable in Call of Duty Mobile test servers. The Multiplayer map is enormous, so it will take some time for players to search for enemies; however, it looks insanely attractive.

New ‘Takeo’s Katana’ Operator Skill

Other than the map, there’s one another massive addition in the Season 7 beta update, which is ‘Takeo’s Katana’ operator skill. Players using this skill will move incredibly fast with a Katana sword in the operator’s hand to kill enemies with a single hit.

Also, as soon as you launch ‘Takeo’s Katana’ operator skill, the game will switch to TPP mode. This skill is the best chance players could get to experience Call of Duty Mobile Multiplayer in TPP.

‘Cluster Strike’ Scorestreak

Moreover, the Season 7 update also brings a new ‘Cluster Strike’ Scorestreak. Call of Duty Mobile fanatics can use this Scorestreak to call on a continuous missile bombardment on a designated location. So, we can say that ‘Cluster Strike’ is a more powerful version of ‘Predator Missile’ Scorestreak.

New Perks in Call of Duty Mobile Season 7

Interestingly, the update also brings new Overkill, Quick Fix, and Sharpnel perks. The Overkill perk will allow players to carry two primary weapons in the match. So, players with this perk can include a sniper and an assault rifle in the same loadout.

The Quick Fix perk, on the other hand, will regenerate your health more quickly when you get a gun, melee, and Combat Axe Kill.

Finally, players with Sharpnel perk will get additional lethal equipment when they spawn in the match. Also, the explosive damage will slow down enemies’ health regeneration.

We can’t be sure if all the content in Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 test servers will be introduced in live servers. However, chances are that Call of Duty Mobile will give green light to most of the content because it’s already being loved by the players.

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