How To Use ChatGPT On All Websites

how to use chatgpt on all websites

ChatGPT has become the internet’s go-to place for complicated queries. However, the AI chatbot is only available on OpenAI’s website. Fortunately, there are a few ways to use OpenAI’s ChatGPT API through browser extensions. So here’s how you can use ChatGPT on all websites.

Developers have already started making all kinds of applications using the AI chatbot. One of the first challenges was to overcome the limitations of ChatGPT, such as internet access and Google support. Fortunately, some browser extensions have already added internet access and Google support to the AI chatbot.

While these limitations were resolved, some developers have gone one step beyond and made it possible to use ChatGPT on all websites. Follow the steps given below to use the AI chatbot without opening the OpenAI website.

How to use ChatGPT on all websites?

There are two extensions that can make ChatGPT work on all websites across the internet. We have listed both extensions in this guide so you can use them on your preferred browsers.

1. Merlin – ChatGPT Extension

Merlin is a very popular ChatGPT browser extension, but it only offers 11 uses per day for its free plan. It sometimes also gives different answers from ChatGPT. We recommend users check out the free alternative ‘Universally’ browser extension below.

1. Add the Merlin – ChatGPT extension to your Chrome or Mozilla browser.


2. Select any text on a webpage and press Cmd/Ctrl+M.


3. Sign in with Google to use ChatGPT with Merlin.


4. Type in what you want ChatGPT to do with the text and press enter.


5. Now, you can use ChatGPT on all websites.

2. Universally – ChatGPT Extension

1. Add Universally – ChatGPT extension to your Chrome browser.


2. Use the shortcut ⌘+U (Mac) or Alt+U (Windows) to open the ChatGPT window.

3. Log in to through the extension or a new tab.


4. Now, users can use this shortcut key to ask various questions from ChatGPT on all websites.


Universally is a relatively new extension, but it doesn’t have a limitation on its usage like Merlin. Users can also go to chrome://extensions/shortcuts or edge://extensions/shortcuts to set a shortcut of their choice. So there you have it: that’s how to use ChatGPT on all websites. Let us know your thoughts on the AI chatbot in the comments section below.

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