Why Programming Is The Most Important Skill For A Hacker?

learn to code become a hacker
learn to code become a hacker

learn to code become a hackerShort Bytes: There is no denying the fact that programming is the fundamental hacking skill. The more you program, the better hacker you become. This article is dedicated to the beginners who aspire to become a hacker and attain the qualities needed for it.

If you search the web and look for the definition of term ‘hacker’, it’ll show you things having to do with technical knowledge and skills to solve impossible problems. Well, in the real world, being a hacker means a lot more. Hackers belong to a community that traces its roots back to the first ARPAnet experiments and the invention of the internet. They were the ones who built the world wide web and continue to make this world a better place.

If you want to become a hacker, you must understand the meaning of hacker culture. It deals with applying the hacker attitude to other things. In this series, I’ll be telling you about different qualities a hacker should possess and the skill he/she should learn.

Programming is the fundamental hacking skill!

Programming is the basic skill that a hacker should possess and master. If you don’t know any programming languages, start by learning a basic language like Python or Java. These powerful and well-documented languages could be learned easily.

If I specifically talk about Python, it’s a great language to start with. Despite being suitable for beginners, it’s very powerful, and flexible. One should try learning C, the core language of Unix, if the person intends to dive deep into the world of programming.

To become a good hacker, you need to have a certain level of knowledge of several languages to play with code injection and poisoning servers/domains in a much better way.

However, if you want to target some specific areas of hacking, you must choose the programming languages wisely. If you are interested in web application security, I’ll advise you to take up PHP and JavaScript. If you are willing to deal with network hacking and pentesting, it’s important to learn root level programming languages like C.


Why programming is the most important skill for hackers?

Mastering a programming language allows you to be self-dependent and gives you the knowledge of working of programs to exploit them easily. Even though exploit development is mainly done in the assembly language in debuggers, learning the functioning of a program could be very useful.

It’ll help you to write your own exploits in C/C++ and ditch the frameworks like Metasploit. Learning programming also gives you the power to create your own custom malware, making it difficult for an antivirus software to detect.

Most of the hacking tools are freely available and open source. So, if you’ve mastered the art of programming, using hacking tools and making them better is an easy task.

So, before you start with the basics of hacking, learn to code and create a solid foundation.

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